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Taping is commonly used as a technique to help promote recovery or to protect structures from injury. Athletes often make use of taping as a protective mechanism in the presence of an existing injury.

Physiotherapy Taping

How can Pro Point Physio help?

Some of the goals with taping are to restrict movement of injured joints, soft tissue compression to reduce swelling, support anatomical structures, and as protection from re-injury. Taping is used as one of the means of rehabilitation where support and stability is needed, as an first aid tool, for the prevention of injury and protection of an injured anatomical structure while healing is taking place.

Pro Point Physio have a vast of experience of using many different taping techniques within our private setting to promote healing and recovery. We use several different products to ensure it is right for your rehabilitation. We provide a full assessment prior to any taping to enable us to discuss the optimum techniques needed to help your pain.

Our experienced team of physiotherapists will perform a comprehensive assessment, including postural and biomechanical assessments, to diagnose your problem.