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Physiotherapy for neck pain in DorsetPhysiotherapy for neck pain

What are the causes of Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a very common complaint and something that usually settles within a few days. However, neck pain can be debilitating and persistent with some people suffering repeated episodes. It can also be associated with other symptoms, such as arm pain, pins and needles sensation into the arms or headaches.  Neck pain may start following a traumatic incident, such as a road traffic collision, or it may start gradually, perhaps as a result of poor posture or an uncomfortable work position.

How can Pro Point Physio help?

Pro Point Physio has clinical specialists available to understand and treat your neck pain. As experts in our field, we are proud to give a clear diagnosis as well as a treatment plan to start to help to ease your symptoms. We also work for the Dorset Musculoskeletal spinal team and are highly trained to deal with all painful conditions of the neck.

We use hands on treatments of mobilisations, massage and stretching to help offload the painful areas of the neck.  We are also able to use other techniques such as certain types of acupuncture, electrotherapy and exercise to help relieve neck pain. We also work closely with local GP’s and Orthopaedic Consultants to enable you to access further care should symptoms fail to settle or worsen.

Suffering from persistent Neck Pain? Our team of experts can help