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The Musculoskeletal (MSK) Service is an expert led clinic for people in Dorset with problems with joints, muscles, soft tissues or nerves. It is an expert led clinic that is run by highly trained physiotherapists known as Musculoskeletal Practitioners.

Private Musculoskeletal Dorset

Private Musculoskeletal Service from Pro Point Physio

These highly trained physiotherapists are able to assess you to the highest level and give you fast access to the right treatment. They are able to refer you for further investigations such as Ultrasound and MRI’s to aid their diagnosis of your issue. They have completed many Masters level modules and have a vast experience of working with Orthopaedic Consultants.

This service can be offered via the NHS through a referral from your GP. However, there is usually a long wait to see these specialists which can be frustrating when you are in pain.

Pro Point Physio has two Musculoskeletal Practitioners within the clinic that are able to offer this service privately without a GP referral. We have specialists who deal with spinal pain as well as the upper and lower limbs. We can usually get you an appointment within the week and have access to further imaging and investigations if needed. We are also injection practitioners and are able to inject arthritic joints to help reduce pain and improve function.