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Shockwave therapy is a controlled wave of mechanical energy to improve patient’s musculoskeletal mobility and for the provision of drug-free pain relief.

Listen to our Expert Hayley Williams discussing shockwave therapy treatment

Shockwave Therapy DorsetShockwave Therapy Dorset

Shockwave Therapy from Pro Point Physio

It is a safe, non-invasive and fast non-surgical method for treating superficial orthopaedic conditions. The EMS Primo Radial Shockwave unit provides that energy through an electromechanical process as opposed to compressed mechanical energy, thereby providing a more comfortable patient experience.

This therapeutic intervention can reverse injury to the damaged tissue cells within the tendon and promote the development of healthy tissue. 4 out of 5 patients treated with shockwave see significant improvements with 3 to 6 sessions of shockwave. The treatment is recommended by the National Institute for Care Excellence (NICE).

How can Pro Point Physio help?

We have a new machine at the Pro Point Physio practice with discounts available for block bookings of 3 sessions.

Shockwave can be used to treat:

 Achilles pain

 Greater trochanter pain Syndrome (pain at the side of your hip)

 Tennis elbow / Golfers elbow

 Calcified shoulder tendons

 Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

 Shin Splints

 Patellar tendon pain and Osgood-Schlatter’s.

 Hamstring pain

 Ankle tendon pain

Prices- Individual session - £80

Initial full assessment, diagnosis and 1 shockwave treatment session.

Block of Three - £220

Initial full assessment, diagnosis and 3 shockwave therapy treatments.

Block of Six - £390

Initial full assessment, diagnosis and 6 shockwave therapy treatments.