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Why Choose Ostenil Plus Injections for Arthritis?

Ostenil Plus is a treatment for the symptoms of Osteoarthritis. It can be used in the knee, or in any other joints in the body that are classified as ‘synovial’. The most important component of synovial fluid is a substance called hyaluronic acid. It helps the synovial fluid in protecting the cartilage, absorbing shocks, lubricating the joint and filtering nutrients to the cartilage.

Hyaluronic acid does not stay within the joint the whole lifetime, but is continuously being replaced. In osteoarthritis, the balance is disturbed and the breakdown happens faster than production. As a result, the synovial fluid becomes more watery and stops working properly. This causes increased wearing of the joint causing pain, stiffness and swelling.

Ostenil Plus is a solution containing hyaluronic acid. It is injected into the joint space that contains the synovial fluid and works by restoring the normal balance of hyaluronic acid. It can decrease pain and improve other symptoms of osteoarthritis.